Tuesday, June 14, 2016

New Release: Hot Sun, Cold Fury

The tagline of this blog is, "A Corporate Drone Learns to Leave the Flock", and by now you should know that it tells the tale of one man's attempt to make an honest buck for himself, rather than for an(admittedly very nice) corporation.

This post celebrates the first concrete step in that direction with the release of a self-published short story, Hot Sun, Cold Fury.  The first in a series of short stories featuring the kind of hero that you don't see much of any more. 

A strong man dedicated to doing the right thing, no matter how inconvenient, and one not paralyzed by crippling self-doubt.  He knows what needs to be done and he just goes out and does it - violently, if necessary.

This is no hero's journey where the protagonist learns a valuable lesson about himself.  Instead, it is a hero's journey where a hero goes on a journey.  He doesn't need a journey to grow into a hero, because he's already there.

Priced at just under a buck, it's 20 pages of fast action and fun adventure, so give it a shot

And thank you to all the great guys around the manosphere whose inspiration made this possible.

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