Monday, December 19, 2016

Don't Read Anything Written After 1980

The adventures of King Conas returns, and we learn why the three sorcerers attempted to kill him in Issue 13.  The January Issue of Marvel's King Conan sees the barbarian explore a demon haunted volcano home to an artifact that contains the soul of the first King of Aquilonia.  Written by Doug Moench, it includes this scene where-in Conan's bride, Zenobia, insists of accompanying the King on his quest:

Check the date - yep, 1983.  You can tell.  She doesn't just prove her mettle.  She doesn't surprise Conan with a cheap shot.  She completely bests him in open combat.  Because of course she does.

And not for any real reason, either.  Through the rest of the issue she never really does anything but stand back and give Conan somebody to talk to other than his chief advisor.  She never faces any real danger, never provides any aid, and never provides any solid advice.

Disappointing, but not entirely unexpected.

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  1. Reminds me of Brienne besting the Hound. Even though she's freakishly big and strong for a woman, I found it extremely implausible.

    Check out the femurs on Zenobia! Look to be twice the length of her tibiae.