Thursday, March 16, 2017

Now Available: Sudden Rescue

When is the last time you read a decent space princess story?  How about a blue collar hero thrust into the dangerous world of interstellar politics?  What about a space opera jaunt through worlds both strange and dangerous?
If it's been too long, then it's about time you picked up a copy of Sudden Rescue, the story of an alliance shattered by a kidnapped princess and the space trucker who just can't say no to a pretty face.  With the lone superpower capable of keeping an empire of genocidal androids on the brink of civil war, its up to E.Z. Sudden to find the one man who can reunite the lost princess with the Star King and calm the tensions between two rival factions within the King's realms.

But can he do it while pursued by deadly agents of the Syntharchy, agents of the two rival houses, and the galaxy's most notorious space pirate?

There's only one way to find out, and that way to read this fun little sci-fi romp.  It's got everything a reader could ask for in a space opera; evil robots, revolutions, pirates, bar fights, high noon showdowns, starship chases through asteroids, quirky justifications for FTL travel, and of course a little romance!


  1. Likewise. I've got my copy already, and I'll review it for Castalia House in about four weeks.

  2. Thanks guys, this was my best book launch yet. Brick by brick...