Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Puppy of the Month: New Post

This month we are discussing Brian Niemeier's Nethereal over at the Puppy of the Month Book Club.  My initial thoughts on the book went live yesterday.  Here's a taste:
The setting of Nethereal is different.  Very different.  Mention has been made that it blends fantasy and science fiction in a way that harkens back to the days when science fiction and fantasy were considered one and the same.  This is true, but it doesn’t really help nail down where on the spectrum the setting truly lies.  Consider Disney’s animated film Treasure Planet, which was for all practical effects, was simply the novel Treasure Island dressed up in a steam-punk style of science fiction.  Yes, it featured planets and aliens, but the setting and plot were no different from an age of sail adventure.  The setting for Nethereal on the other hand, could not exist without both the science fiction and the fantasy aspects.  The two are intertwined in ways that go well beyond the cosmetic.
There's talk of Warhammer 40K novels, too.  You should totes check it out. 

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