Saturday, August 27, 2016

What It's All About

You, gentle reader, are not alone.  Thanks to the kind and generous support of fellow travelers Jeffro, PC Bushi, and Cirsova, the traffic on this blog has jumped to levels that should have taken months to reach.  Before we get into a timely introduction for recent regular visitors, let me thank you all for sparing a few moments of your time to stop by.  There’s a lot of blogs out there, and your choosing this one today is much appreciated.

PCBushi had the best description of this dank corner of the internet when he called it a “young blog mostly about culture, gaming, and fiction.”  That stands in contrast to the “About” page which includes the mission statement, “one man’s attempt to cast off the shackles of the corporate cubicle farm and start a new life as an independent author, voice talent, and free thinker.”

So where’s all the writing and voice talent stuff?  It's around.  There are links in the top and side bar to my past work, but daily updates of current projects are rather pointless and dull.  Rest assured that the plan for escaping Corporatopia are proceeding apace and you’ll get updates at all the important milestones.
Right now, in addition to this blog, I’m juggling three writing projects.  The first is a fairly large ghost-writing project with a non-disclosure agreement.  There's nothing I can say about that project.  The second is the finishing touches of a fourth story which will be included in a compendium of the first three K-Bar stories.  That process, preparing a book for self-publishing on Amazon, will be discussed, but it's far better to have the experience done and a product to point to than a bunch of half-formed thoughts and vague assurances that something is coming.  The third is writing up a review of my current read, Nethereal, for the Puppy of the Month Book Club.  Aside from the random gratuitous plug (like this one), that will be posted over at that blog, for obvious reasons.

In the meantime, even while this blog serves more as an excuse to warm up the writing muscles before getting down to the more lucrative keyboard banging, the desire to present posts relevant to you, gentle reader, is never far from my thoughts.  As such, most of the content here will concern more topical and timeless subjects than those that burble up during the slow marathon-like grind of producing high quality writing and voice over work.  Lately, the world has been throwing me more material than I can use, but not nearly enough time to use it, which has led to a rough schedule of one post every other day, on average.  That trend will surely continue.  So check back often, pay no attention to the visual décor, and enjoy the ride.
I’ve got posts coming up discussing a lesser known hard-boiled cop series of novels from the 1960s, advice on raising children as outsiders in your own country, and an update on my latest wargaming experiences.  I've also got a few surprises in store for 2017, but if I tell you any more, they won't be surprises.  If any of that sounds appealing, you know where to find me.


  1. I'm in! The K Bar stories are fantastic. Seriously anyone landing here that wants some excellent action by a hero you can't help but like then you should check them out.

    I really liked how the hero's tragic childhood and difficult relationship with his father shaped his actions as he navigated the trials and tribulations of his coursework in an MFA.
    Psych! Ha! Had you going. Karl is the antithesis of my little joke there. He is the perfect action hero. The stories are really grounded. Karl isn't trying to defuse the doomsday bomb set by Cobra Commander and the League of Shadows. He's a guy trying to make the world a better place, one mission at a time, putting his skills to use in realistic ways and relevant settings. I'm hooked.

  2. Hey Schuyler, thanks for the encouragement. I've got a K-Bar collection coming out with a new story only available in the collection. I'll be sure and send you a copy.