Monday, August 22, 2016

You're Welcome, Hugos

Each of the last two year's of Hugo Awards have seen more ink spilled across the dinosaur media than in any ten years previous, combined.  All of this attention was garnered not for the quality of the works presented at the Hugos, and not as a small part of the recent uptick in interest for geek culture by the wider culture at large.  All of this extra attention heaped on the Hugo Awards has had one central focus: lying about conservatives.

There's really no point in picking any one or a dozen of the color-by-numbers articles covering the Hugo Awards.  They write themselves, "People who meet the right demographic criteria won, the racist right wingers did everything could to block them, and failed.  Nerdom is safe for the Narrative for another year."  Pad that out with inaccurate histories, a few quotes from one and only one side of the issue, and remind the reader that anyone to the right of Che Guevara probably has white robes stashed under their bed, and you're done.  Time for some overpriced martinis at a cocktail party hosted by the right people in the right town.  It's the same playbook used for every other piece of what passes for journalism these days.

While the Hug Award Faithful are busy this week congratulating themselves on another successful year, there's just one little fly of truth in the ointment of self-congratulations...

That coverage doesn't help them, it helps the Puppies.

Like cockroaches*, they can really only do their dirty work in the dark.  The more people see the Hugo Award Faithful, the more they will see what they really are.  The more people see what they really are, the more they will start questioning the Hugo Narrative and be repulsed by it.  The more people start are repulsed by the Hugo Narrative, the more they will find alternatives like Sad Puppies or the Rabid Puppies.

The Puppies are fun loving decent people who love truth, justice (not the phony façade of social justice), and the American way of science fiction and fantasy - rollicking good stories with hard science, weird magic, and something to offer other than people meeting diversity checkboxes and plain women who are really beautiful whose biggest problem in life is deciding between the rich handsome supernatural half-man, and the down to earth sensitive and secretly rich supernatural half-man.

The Hugo Faithful win in dark rooms behind closed doors and cannot stand the sight of a mirror.  Their ouster of Dave Truesdale serves as yet another data point demonstrating that they cannot tolerate dissent of any kind.  The Puppies thrive on attention and adventure and conflict.

Your average reader, looking for a good fun read without a scolding, has only one choice.  Every one of those articles written by the dinosaur media might feel good and scratch a short term itch for the Hugo Award Faithful, but they serve the long term interests of the Puppies.  Keep 'em coming - you're doing the Puppy's work for them.

Hugo Dalenda Est

* I can guarantee some member of the Hugo Party will claim I called them cockroaches.  Note that I didn't say they are cockroaches, just that they are like cockroaches.

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