Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cleveland Rocks and Bottles and Bricks

Can you feel it?  Can you feel the held breath by the media, the pundits, and those of us in the cheap seats, as the Republican National Convention approaches?   Dallas was just a warm-up, every angry mob and rent-a-mob is warming up their throwing arms and sharpening the ends of their placard sticks, preparing to cause a major scene on the streets of Cleveland.  You know, to make Donald Trump look bad.
Meet Calvin D. Williams, the City of Cleveland's Chief of Police. You're probably going to be seeing him on the news quite a bit in the coming week or so. 
The good news for Mr. Williams is that the eyes of the world will be on his city.  Politicians love that, and let’s face it, the Chief of Police does a lot more politicking than policing.  The bad news is that the leftists in the media (as though there was anyone else in the media) have spent the last decade whipping up the mobs and pointing them at the kulaks wearing badges and hats with elephants on them.  The really bad news for Calvin is that the usual suspects are better funded and have more time to prepare than usual.

The other good news for Calvin is that Ohio is an open carry state.  Remember that an armed society is a polite society, and that leftists are at heart cowards.  When confronted with real risk, when not backed by a braying mob, they tend to pull an Irish fade.  This convention might just be quieter than anyone expects thanks to Samuel Colt’s efforts at making man equal.
One thing that I haven’t heard anyone talk about yet is that Trump’s current statistical dead heat with Clinton is likely to vanish when the standard post-convention bump kicks in.  That means in less than a month, Donald Trump will have turned an 8-point deficit into a 3-point lead.  It gets better for those of us in the Red Hats, though.

If the scuttlebutt about agitators looking to make a statement and turn Cleveland into San Jose, Round Two – Rumble in the Concrete Jungle, prove correct, you can just go ahead and tack on another three points to that lead.  If blood darkens the streets of Cleveland, caused by outside mobs braying and spoiling for a fight, American voters will flock to Trump.  They don’t like seeing their nice, orderly democracy overturned by violent mobs. 
It doesn’t matter if the mob makes the doughy types that attend the political convention bleed, or get bloodied themselves by running headlong into a wall of baton wielding officers, they are going to look like savage criminals trying to stop the normal progression of the democratic process.  The squishy center of the American voter might be apathetic and prone to voting for the left in a vain attempt to stop the left from calling them names, but when push comes to shove comes to thrown bottles, they harden their hearts and look for somebody who can stop the madness.

In an odd way, their cowardice can be pushed too far.  The typical American voter wants what all people everywhere want – safe streets, consistency, and safety.  This desire for peace that causes them to fall prey to Democrat name calling (“racist”, “sexist”, “homophobe”, etc.) can be pushed too far.  When the left gets anxious and ups their bullying from name calling to actual violence, the American voter starts looking for protection from the left and runs into the arms of the right.  For just one example of that process, look to the repeated successes of Mayor Guiliani.  When things got dangerous, even the hard-nosed but oddly sensitive New York, New Yorkers preferred him.  When he made that city safe to walk at night, they abandoned both Guiliani and his policies.
So, speaking as a Trumpkin or Trumptard or Trumpinista or whatever cute name you think might hurt my feel-feels*, I say bring on the violence.  We’re more than happy to accept the support of people who value peace and democracy over those who think violent conflict is the proper way to select a leader.  There are more than enough of them to tip the election to The Donald.

*Spoiler alert: They don’t.

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