Friday, July 15, 2016

From the, "Hey! That's Our Trick" Files, one of the left's frontline soldiers in the culture war - and one dedicated to scaring Americans of Jewish faith away from those super scary Republicans, recently sperged out a primer on the AltRight, or alt-right, or however you want to spell it.

If you’ll permit a bit of a digression, the term “Alt-Right” gets used in multiple ways across the alt-right-o-sphere, and nobody within the alt-right much cares.  It doesn’t matter.  They all know what you mean.  Contrast that with the SPLC’s desperate need to dictate what words mean and what words are not acceptable.  The old biddies of all ages and stripes that kneel at the knees of the SPLC have a burning need to use the correct words, to signal their allegiance to the Narrative, to fit in, and be accepted.  They are like the Try Hard guy in his mid-20s hanging out with college freshman girls, and trying to look cool by using the right slang and referencing the right music groups, but fail because everything they try is filtered through one or more media outlets, while the freshmen are getting their slang and music direct from the culture itself.

Getting back to's attempt keep the clueless pearl-clutchers informed of the dastardly things the alt-right is up to, the article lists seven terms that they feel help explain the alt-right.  They explicitly call words used within the AltRight culture “false terms” and “misleading”.  

That’s an interesting thing to say to a culture.  This is yet another example of the left attempting to don the mantle of final arbiter of what terms are correct and accurate for usage within a culture not their own.  They have seen the effectiveness of terms such as “human biodiversity” and “identitarian” and recognized that these terms might just influence the squishy residents of the middle-ground in ways not of the left's liking.  And so they engage in explicitly Orwellian behavior.  As George Orwell noted decades ago, “control the language, control the people”.

They had a good run with that tactic, controlling the debate by controlling the language, but the advent of social media has cost them their place in the ranks of the Language Police.  Their word may still carry some weight on the coasts, but out here in the wild and woolly internet frontier?  You might as well expect a Frenchman to look to Miriam-Websters for the proper usage of Le Frog-Speak.
Internet culture owes them no fealty.  It pays them no mind.  It grows organically and is insulated from their influence by the liberty and freedom allowed by the free association that men can finally, and once again, practice.  Their sycophants, and the rabbits driven by herd mentality, will surely take note of the admonishment not to use the language of the alt-right.  But the alt-right truly and honestly doesn’t care what they think.

What’s even better is that given a choice between the stodgy and cringing “won’t you please like me?” stance of (and others of that ilk like the execrable SPLC), and the self-assured confidence and cheeky irreverence of the alt-right, there’s no question which attitude will have more appeal for rebellious youth.
And that’s got to scare the left more than anything.  They’ve been counting on the right dying off for so long, that they completely forgot that the more the left captures control over what is deemed acceptable thought and deed, and the more tempting it will be for youth looking for a means of rebellion to turn their backs on the left and look for alternatives.
Like the alternative-right.
Come on in, kids, the water’s fun.

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