Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Puppy of the Month Book Club

In an effort to build up the fan community for those who love Sad Puppy, Rabid Puppy, and Puppy-related works, I've started the Puppy of the Month Book Club.  This new blog will select one book a month from either of the official Puppy Hugo lists, or at least a book that could have been on one of those lists.

Online sci-fi/fantasy fandom spends a lot of time talking about these books, but most of those conversations are scattered over a dozen blogs and multiple social media platforms.  If you're anything like me, a lot of those conversations are over and done with before you've had a chance to clear your reading queue and read the work for yourself.  This is a chance to join a community dedicated to selecting worthy books, and reading and discussing them in some detail. 

At this point, I'm calling for anyone who would like to sign up to Contribute to the project.  All you're committing to is reading one book and writing a quick summary or review.  If you're up for that, leave a comment, and I'll get back to you.  If that's too much, then feel free to lurk, and join in the conversation in the blog comments.

As a club, this isn't something I'm doing for me, but for the wider community.  I'll pick the first book, just to get the ball rolling, but future works will be selected on a rotational basis by other Contributors.  That way everyone can get thoughts on books they love, and everyone gets to read books that might be somewhat outside of their own lists.

It should be fun, shoot me a message, and jump on in.

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