Saturday, October 1, 2016

Available for Pre-Order: King's Dragon

My latest novella is now available for pre-order from

Jason Tavener is an old soldier gone to seed.  He just wants to live out his days raising a daughter and schlepping drinks for the humble farmers and tradesmen of a high mountain village.  His battlefield experience and the friendship of a king make that a more difficult proposition than it should be.  Four villages the dragon has razed, and the King believes Jason is the one man who can stop it.  On its surface this is a story about a king, a hero, and a dragon, but beyond that it is the story of a man and his duty to his family, his country, and his friends.  Sometimes the hardest part of doing the right thing is knowing which of the right things is most important.

If you love solid storytelling with a strong theme, fast action, and compelling characters, and you miss down to earth fantasy tales featuring good and evil, and epic fights for survival against all odds, then The King's Dragon is the book for you.

This is the first in a planned five part series of novellas centering on the theme of big damn lizards that need a good killing.  No ancient wise  mystics or misunderstood races - just the big scaly atomic bombs of fantasy literature - and the men and women tasked with ending their threat to the kingdoms of man.

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