Monday, October 17, 2016

Hopping on Brown Beauty

Joe needs a little push to sit down and get cranking, so this Pulp Revolutionary is pointing to the church tower and shouting, "One if by blog, two if by Gab!" 

I don't know whether this kernel might grow into a book that qualifies as part of the pulp revolution or not, but Joseph Moore doesn't realize that he is really on to something here.  He's asking for feedback on a outstanding writing sample.  Go check it out, I'm confident you'll want to pepper him with encouragement to continue this narrative.

This is what encouragement looks like, revolutionaries.  Don't be afraid to show people the cool stuff and the potential that's out there considering an end-run around the grasping claws and fatass offensive linemen of the Big Five publishing houses.  They encourage doubleplusgoodthink through cold hard cash. Without the globalist bankroll encouragement like this is the only power we have to nudge people to engage in crimethink (like that contained in the story above).  Let's show him we've got his back.

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  1. Thanks for the encouragement! Very kind of you.