Wednesday, October 12, 2016


The major publishing houses mass produce literature that starves the soul.  It provides no nutritional value - it just shoves ideas into you with no real concern for your well being.  When you're done, you feel like maybe you read something important, something that might have made you a better person.  Instead, all you did was consume a facsimile of real literature.  It pretends to be satisfying and filling and to have been developed by the finest minds in the industry, but what you consume barely meets the general criteria for literature.  It's all word games and parlor tricks, methods and exercised designed to elicit a mood or opinion backed by no healthy philosophy.

Daddy Warpig called it misery-porn, and that's a tight a summary as any I've seen.  It blindly accepts the lies of moral relativism and the belief that science negates religion, often at the same time.  It ignores real, fundamental truths about men and women and man's place in the universe in favor of a stunted view of mankind as both insignificant and the center of all things, again at the same time.  It ignores the reality of mankind as fallen from God's grace and his struggles to even understand his place in the universe.  It favors sex over romance and violence in service of their lies.  It's many things, clever, erudite, and even technically savvy, but it isn't very good for you.

Not even once, kids.
On the other hand, you've got a bunch of little independent producers - mom and pop shops - making fine fare that's fit for the whole family.  It's robust fare, a little daring, and it gives you something meaty, something that really sticks to your ribs.  Some of it might not be to your taste, and some of it might not taste all that great, but unlike restaurants, the small publishers and self-published writers charge less.  And you can stop after a chapter without wasting any more time on them.

Why would anyone eat mass produced garbage that costs more instead of taking a chance on cheaper fare that's probably a lot more filling and healthy?  Marketing is the only answer that comes to mind, and its the only explanation for the continued existence of the brain poison peddlers of the Big 5 Publishing houses.

This isn't a very nice blog post.  It's really not fair to McDonalds to compare them to trash mongers like the Big 5 publishing houses.  McDonald's produces low cost fare that makes for a fine sometimes food.  Maybe it's better to compare Big Publishing to Big Tobacco.  They both sell products that kill you - one your soul, the other your body.  They both rely on savvy marketing to convince that they are the coolest kids in the room.  They both suffer when consumers notice what they are really selling in their packages.

Yeah...Big Publishing is much more like Big Tobacco - stay away from it kids!  It might seem cool, but it's not healthy, and over time it makes you smell funny.

Hugo Delenda Est

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