Sunday, February 12, 2017

Five Dragons - Now Available for Pre-Order

There's more than one way to kill a dragon.  On February 18th, join the adventure as five different heroes square off against raw forces of hungry, elemental might.  This complete collection features four novellas, each one a ripping yarn about a remorseless killing machine bent on destruction, and each one matched against a different kind of hero.
One is a former soldier, determined to protect his daughter from threats both scaly and political.  One is a street-wise girl for whom the appearance of a dragon in the midst of a city-siege offers a chance at escape to a better life.  The most powerful wizard in seven universes pursues a danger of his own making.  A wandering holy man, long past his prime crusading years, is thrust into a castle full of eccentrics hiding a dark secret.
The fifth dragon features a very different sort of dragon-hunting story only available in this collection.  By popular demand, Five Dragons is available in digital and paperback formats.  Pre-order you copy today!

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