Saturday, February 11, 2017

Getting Frisky

The Frisky Pagan's inciteful* analysis busts me up!

That's from a G+ thread that was too good not to share.  That got me thinking, though.  Can you imagine Rain Spaaaaaace!

"I'm a good starship pilot.  Definitely a good pilot.  Always on Wednesdays.  Never make the Kessel Run on Thursdays.  Definitely a good pilot."

"Hot water burn Burn Barugon!  Hot water burn Barugon!"

Charlie: Okay, Ray, we have to get on the Death Star now.
Ray:  No.  No.
Charlie:  What are you talking about, we have to get on the Death Star.
Ray: No, it's not safe.  Death Stars always blow up.
Charlie: Yeah, sometimes they do, but not this one.
Ray:  They always blow up.  DS-1 Orbital Battle Station one blew up at Yavin.  DS-2 Orbital Battle Station two blew up over Endor -
Charlie:  Okay, Ray.
Ray: Death Star Three, actually called Starkiller Base, but it was a Death Star, blew up -
Charlie: All right, Ray!  We won't get on the Death Star. 

* I know what I said.

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